As a Women’s Wellness EFT Practitioner, I specialize in helping women take control over their lives by helping them overcome their fears, blocks and life challenges.

  • Do you struggle to overcome old fears & limiting beliefs?
  • Do you sometimes feel inadequate & powerless?
  • Do you feel nothing you do is good enough?
  • Are you finally ready to take control of your life?

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healthy tips

Tip of the Month

Want some healthy tips to increase your daily water consumption?  The trick is to make  your water visually appealing and naturally tasty  by adding fresh fruit, herbs or flowers to your water. Here are some of my favorites: lemon and lime slices to create a little zest, cucumber slices to create that spa feeling,  fresh mint leaves for a cool and refreshing taste,  fresh berries for a tropical taste and fresh lavender flowers with lemons slices for an aromatic effect.  Enjoy!